Train Your Children

Single parents need to get their hands on resources that will help them learn. There are some things a child needs to know. Don’t try to do everything at once. You can make yourself feel horribly guilty if you read a book and think, Man, there are lots of things my child needs to know, and I’m not teaching any of them. And then you do nothing because you can’t do them all. Just do one thing at a time.  

Train up your children one step at a time and with clearly defined goals. List some specific things that you would like your children to learn, to accomplish, and to take with them into their adult lives; think of spiritual, emotional, physical, educational, relational, and financial goals. After you have listed these areas to work on, prioritize your list and come up with practical steps to help you and your children achieve each goal. For example, if you would like to help your children grow spiritually, you could decide to read the Bible with your child. Plan these devotions to occur at a regular time each week or month. What is important is that you stick with it once you begin.  They will remember that as well.

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When Kids Balk at Celebrating

As holidays or special events approach, kids may resist attending or participating. Be careful not to jump to conclusions (like thinking there’s nothing you can do about it). Instead, ask questions to find out what’s really going on and see what you can do to lower your child’s resistance.

  • Kids know when they’re in the way or that they’re not wanted. Some families place a large emphasis on the adults getting together and talking, which can be boring to kids. If this is the case, try to find a way to create an activity or two that the kids find interesting.
  • Monitor your family’s activity and stress levels. When kids feel overwhelmed, they’re less likely to want to do things. Sometimes it helps to say that instead of attending a holiday event for an entire day that you’re only going to stay for three or four hours.
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Expressing Spirituality

Expressing Spirituality

It can be easy to think of spirituality simply as participation in a faith community or belonging to a particular religious tradition. Spirituality, however, includes many things outside of those traditionally considered to be “religious.” Because spiritual development involves such things as self-awareness, experiencing significance in one’s sense of the transcendent (which includes the understanding of God), and developing a sense of purpose, there are many ways to express spirituality. 

  • There is no consensus on the relationship between religion and spirituality, and your child may express spirituality outside of a faith tradition. Be open to and encourage your child’s expressions of spirituality, even if they don’t coincide with yours.
  • Expressions of spirituality vary widely between individuals; some may take part in community service projects; others attend services at a church, mosque, or synagogue; others may engage in meditation or other means of reflection. No matter how your child expresses his or her spirituality, offer support and encouragement.
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Holiday Fun To Do’s With The Kids (Part 2)

A couple of other things you can do, that is simple and inexpensive, you can always fix a cup of hot cocoa for yourself and the kids, make a bowl of popcorn and sit down with them to watch holiday specials on TV. Check your listings to see when they come on.             



Don’t forget about Christmas stockings! This tradition may not be as strong as it once was, but it’s a way of letting the kids experience the joy of Christmas before you even get out of bed. To fill those stockings, you can, again, visit Goodwill or the Dollar store. And there’s always candy, nuts, and fruit. 


Christmas can be a stressful time of the year for a single parent, but it can also be wonderful! Giving the kids structured activities can help de-stress and make for an enjoyable and interesting holiday season. You may even start a new tradition!

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The Benefits Of Children’s Sports

When kids discover an organized sport, whether it’s a team sport (such as soccer or basketball), an individual sport (such as martial arts or long-distance running), or a sport that has both team and individual events (such as tennis and swimming), they’re more likely to experience the benefits of sports when a number of factors are present. 

Ensuring a Positive Experience in Kids’ Sports

Make sure your children’s sports involve caring adults and teammates. When there’s a strong sense of community, kids are more likely to have fun, build relationships, and play together well.

Find kids’ sports that get your child excited. Some would prefer to play on the hockey team while others get excited about fencing, cheerleading, or gymnastics. Being excited about a sport will ensure that your child stays active and receives the benefits of sports. Keep kids safe. More than 3.5 million kids require medical treatment every year for sports-related injuries.

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